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Founded in 1977, the Association des francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario (AFNOO) works to represent the Francophone community in Northwestern Ontario at political and community levels. AFNOO works to develop and to enhance the dynamism of the Francophone organizations and communities. AFNOO is a federation and accounts 28 member groups that work in different sectors including education, culture, early childhood, genealogy, women, literacy, health, entrepreneurs, seniors and youth.

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Centr’Elles – Centre des femmes francophones du Nord-Ouest de l’Ontario is an organization with the mandate and objectives to : 

  • prevent, counter, alleviate and end all forms of violence against women by offering womenservices such as a welcoming environment, listening, counselling and support, accompaniment and practical assistance and by referring them, as needed, to competent authorities;  
  • ease poverty for families of women who come to the centre by offering them food, clothing, a community kitchen programme and, when necessary, help with the costs of transportation and essential personal hygiene products;
  • respect women’s rights and the multiplicity of choices available to them;
  • develop and maintain regional and provincial partnerships. 

Club culturel francophone de Thunder Bay

Le Club Canadien Français de Thunder Bay (CCF),  created in April 1965 , is a nonprofit organization that brings together and unites francophones of all ages in the region of Thunder Bay and area. The main objectives of le Club Canadien Français de Thunder Bay is to promote social, cultural and community development to the Francophone population. In October 2017, le CCF becomes le Club culturel francophone de Thunder Bay.



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Féminin Pluri-Elles

Féminin Pluri-Elles is a non-profit organization that offers francophone women in Thunder Bay, aged 16 and over opportunities to participate occasionally in social activities and to information sessions and workshops on different topics that are asked by the members. All of the activities that are offered to women, take place entirely in French. 
Courriel :

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L'Accueil francophone de Thunder Bay

L'Accueil francophone de Thunder Bay provides assistance to Francophones who need help navigating the health care system. We provide interpretation services, between French-speaking clients and their health care professionals,  including doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, etc. We provide quality interpretation services in a confidential and professional manner. Both clients and health care professionals can access our services free of charge.

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Novocentre is committed to meeting the training and employment needs of francophones in their territory. Novocentre provides support to individuals wishing to improve the skills necessary to their personal development, their continued education and their integration into the labour market. Novocentre does this by providing free and individualised basic training to the francophone community in reading, writing, mathematics and technology. Due to a growing need for French as a Second Language courses, Novocentre also offers FSL classes for a fee.

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The Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario (RMEFNO) is one of two networks that has a dual mandate as Network (federal) and Entity (provincial). The Réseau, in collaboration with its partners, plans, networks and engages the community to improve access and equity to French language health services.